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Geodesic dome (I built a junk lol )

April 10, 2008

Basically geodesic dome is more or less identical to your foot ball in shape, consisting entirely only of pentagons and hexagons. For a clearer picture on geodesic dome you can refer to

I started constructing the geodesic dome out of straws when I came across the website. After all, it was one of the few projects listed on the site that I was capable of doing.

To be frank the geodesic dome I constructed was rather useless other than being a decoration, as my siblings pointed out to me. (They prefer the name “junk” over the name geodesic dome) But the reason I constructed the dome was not because of its use,  rather I was trying to prove that I could execute what I said and thought. The geodesic dome is the first step I took before I started constructing something more complicated.

Anyway, this is the geodesic dome I have built. It is only half completed. I took the photo using Jun Chiet’s cell phone (a big thanks to him)

The material

And these are the raw materials:

It took me some days to cut the straws into the required length….

And this is the stapler I used for my project. I am not supposed to use stapler, but I really can’t find the material needed to connect the straws.

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