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40th IChO Training in UM

July 8, 2008

Jun Yan, my roomate during the IChO training has posted his experiences during the camp. I am inspired by his post to give a brief description on characters which he hasn’t covered in his blog.


Professor Dr. Gan Seng Neon – A very kind professor who is destined to pursue pure chemistry (you can find an inert gas in his name). He is specialized in polymer, a subset in chemistry that will bored many to tears, but intrigues him as “you can find polymer everywhere“.

Associate Professors

Dr. Khoo – A professor who is remarkable for his quotes. Below are some of the common one:

half -past-sixth” – 半桶水 in Mandarin. Having only a limited knowledge on a subject

“You think you know about atom? Let’s see how much do you know…”

We were questioned to death even for the 1st lesson on atom. His question makes us realise how half-past-sixth we are…

“A good scientist can explain a concept in very simple manner. A half-past-sixth person makes things complicated.”

“A decision has been made.” The most famous quote…(well, it is 100% our fault. Those who have been to the traing will know what I refer to…)

Dr. Sharifudin – A cheerful professor who taught us Quantum Mechanics. He has a tendency to slide while walking ( we salute him for his ability to balance himself well) His favourite quote : “Things are nonsensical in Quantum Mechanics.” He often demonstrates the application of computer software for chemistry in his class.


Dr. Hairul – Another young lecturer besides Dr. Cheryl. Taught us organic chemistry. Once, during our teabreak, he said, “If you are good in cooking you are good in organic synthesis, since the principle involved is similar.”

No wonder my organic synthesis sucks…


Goh Jun Yan – My roomate for one month. Have previous participant experience, and will be going to Hungary this year. Occasionally attempt to induce Gavin to take UMS medic instead of NUS pharmacy. lol

Azri – Another person who is going for 2008 IChO as well. Having a dark complexion, he is often mistaken as an Indian instead of a Malay. (One of the professors refer him as an Indian…) Live next door to me and Goh… =)

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